Our values
  • Gender equality
  • Team work
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Respect for all
Our Vision
A self-reliant health woman farmer able to support her self as a result of increased household food production and incomes in a protected environment.
Our Mission
To access and build up resources necessary to facilitate and develop a rural poor woman farmer through supporting and promoting equitable sustainable developments
About MAFA
Maganjo Farmers Association (MAFA) is a women initiated organization operating both as a community based organization and a not for profit- legally Non Government Organization. MAFA was founded in 2001 to carry out development activities among rural poor women farming communities and their children in Uganda.

MAFA’s formation was aimed at helping rural farming communities in Uganda form a common voice to address the common problems that they are facing and fight the discriminative practices inhibiting their potential in economic production. To date, the organization works with 20,432 households with an average of 6 people per family, making a total of  122,592 people (98,073 women and 24,519 men) who are organized into 625 small but strong hard working farmer groups each with between 20 – 25 members.

What we do
We support the rural poor women, youth and children particularly in Wakiso, Kampala and Luwero districts to come out of hunger, disease and poverty through increased household food production, incomes and promotion of water, hygiene and sanitation in the communities and schools.
We achieve this through community awareness trainings in human rights, leadership skill building, nutrition, sustainable agriculture, agribusiness, hygiene and sanitation and savings and credit management.

MAFA also provides exposure visits, demonstrations and on farm or school hygiene and sanitation technical advice.
To ensure sustainability of the projects, MAFA has also created community based structures like community based agricultural trainers (COBATs)/ change agents, marketing committees, saving and credit committees, community water user committees, school health clubs among others that help MAFA in implementation of the project effectively and efficiently.

Main goal
Sustainable improved livelihoods of the rural poor farming communities in Uganda.

Specific goals  

  • To educate and train local communities in modern methods of sustainable agriculture for food security.
  • To empower rural farmer women and the communities through initiation of income generating projects to alleviate poverty among the rural populace
  • To sensitise and train women in human rights, advocacy, child nutrition, family life education and community based care methods.
  • To promote sustainable practices those which protect and conserve the nature.
  • To improve health among communities.