Our values
  • Gender equality
  • Team work
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Respect for all
Our Vision
A self-reliant health woman farmer able to support her self as a result of increased household food production and incomes in a protected environment.
Our Mission
To access and build up resources necessary to facilitate and develop a rural poor woman farmer through supporting and promoting equitable sustainable developments
Income generation and Agribusiness
MAFA supports the farming communities and youth to start up micro income generating activities like profitable agribusiness ventures including: mushroom growing, piggery, goats rearing, vegetables, fruits among others. 

MAFA does this through entrepreneurship and business skills training and educating the women and youth to shift from subsistence agriculture to medium scale farming where they can have enough yields for household consumption and sell off the surplus to earn an income. 

This has helped increase our farmers' household incomes which has enabled them to send their children to school and access better health services.