Our values
  • Gender equality
  • Team work
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Respect for all
Our Vision
A self-reliant health woman farmer able to support her self as a result of increased household food production and incomes in a protected environment.
Our Mission
To access and build up resources necessary to facilitate and develop a rural poor woman farmer through supporting and promoting equitable sustainable developments
Micro revolving loans
MAFA has a micro agricultural revolving fund scheme from which the rural communities especially the women farmers acquire start up capital for their agricultural income generating projects. The loans are provided in groups although each member in the group gets it as an individual. In the group, each member co-guarantees the other to be able to pay promptly.

The loans are paid back with a small interest to help other needy families to benefit from the same scheme.

To date, many of our farmers have established viable businesses like poultry rearing, animal husbandry, extensive vegetable growing among others.